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Photo Quest is a fascinating scavenger hunt on your mobile phone.

You will find the hidden objects within a specified area, solve the riddles and complete the photo and video challenges.

During the orienteering game you will become familiar with surroundings, discovering new and interesting places that you might not have found otherwise. Additionally, each game includes short stories about popular locations and true hidden gems of the city.

Overall, Photo Quest games provide a unique and enjoyable way for adventurers and tourists to learn about new places while having fun.

Choose Your Adventure


Walk around the Vilnius Old Town, play and discover fun facts.

How to Play

First Steps

Shortly after purchasing a ticket for you will receive e-mail with desired game access data.

Just follow the direct link provided in e-mail.

Photo Quest — Intro

Game Rules

Read them carefully and navigate to the start location.

Press Start when you are ready to play.

Photo Quest — Game Rules

Main Screen

All tasks are available instantly. Build your route and start playing.

Click the icons to open the tasks.

Photo Quest — Map

Geo Quiz

Visit the marked area, and find the correct object.

Photo Quest — Geo Quiz

Find the Answer

Visit the marked area, find the object, and answer the question about it.

Photo Quest — Find the Answer

Photo Challenge

Time to relax and smile. Make a funny photo.

Photo Quest — Photo Challenge


Solve the riddle, find the correct place, and answer the question about it.

Photo Quest — Riddle

You Are Great!

The game ends either when the time runs out or when you have completed all the tasks.

Photo Quest — Results

Phone Requirements

Any modern smartphone

Questory games and excursions are held online. You don’t need to install any special app.

Please check that your Apple, Android or other smartphone meets simple technical requirements before the game.

You will need

  • Internet connection. If you are limited in mobile internet data, please check your consumption during the game.
  • Browser. Safari, Chrome or Samsung Internet are recommended.
  • Ensure that your browser accepts Cookies and JavaScript.
  • GPS and maps. Apple or Google Maps will be useful for navigation.

For some games you will need

  • Camera for photos and videos.
  • Ability to send photos and videos via Telegram or WhatsApp messenger.