Make your event stand out

You are too many to play as one team? Planning a team building event or corporate games for your company? Have a party and want a special game for your friends and family? You are looking for an activity for scholars and students?

I am here to help you with quest games made and tailored to suit your budget and needs.

Team building quest game

Team Building

Shake up your colleagues after a long conference. Outdoor games will allow you to relax and get in the mood for an after-party.

Birthday Party — Entertainment for guests

Birthday Party

Entertainment for guests. Compete in a friendly atmosphere. Who will complete the tasks faster?

Vilnius Old Town Photo Mystery Game

Scholars and Students

Celebrate the beginning or end of the school year, vacations, graduation. Quest game is not just fun, but also an introduction to a new city and new people.

How Quest Can Help?

Gamification and competition will add a different level of excitement and experience. Here are some ideas to start with.

City exploration game — On foot, by bicycle or by car

City Exploration Game

On foot, by bicycle or by car.

Outdoor treasure hunt — Teambuilding in a guesthouse or hotel, suitable for corporate sport games

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Teambuilding in a guesthouse or hotel. Suitable for corporate sport games.

Indoor Quest — Escape Room like game in your office

Indoor Quest

Escape Room like game in your office.

What You Get

In the “director’s cut” quest games you can get:

  • hosted briefing before the game
  • riddles and challenges adapted to the event
  • interactive tasks with game props
  • possibility to add quiz questions about your company
  • awarding ceremony with thematic prizes
  • custom design of tickets and game interface

Options Comparison





In short

Custom tickets, online support, immediate results, and all media files sent by players

+ Live host at the start and the end of the game, diplomas, optional prizes

+ Full customization of the game tasks and design


As stated in the description

By your choice

Duration, start and finish time and place

By your choice

Host (English, Latvian, Russian)

Other languages on demand

In-game languages


Translation to any other language

Support during the game

Tickets with your logo

Custom game title and description


Quantity and content of tasks

As stated in the description





Over the 12 years I led about 1000 public and private games. From party games to national scale rally, from regular championships to international games for professional teams, from games for tourists to quests in foreign countries. I made city quest games for 2 to 3500 players.

I have an intimate knowledge of the exciting world of quest games as both author and player. This guarantees the quality of the games I host.

I try to make quests special and individual. I am really happy that it comes out well.

My works could be found at

Artjoms Lipaks — Questory author and producer

Artjom Lipak

Your quest dealer



Photo Quest in Jurmala

Thank you very much for the photo orienteering! Everyone was very satisfied!

Neringa J. / Nordgain / Lewben

Photo Quest in Old Riga

Thank you very much for the photo orienteering! Everyone was very satisfied!

Irina P. / Swedbank

Walking Quest in Old Riga

It was very cool, everyone loved it! Thank you so much!

Sergej M. / KFC

Walking Quest in Cēsis

Super, thanks! And thanks in general for the game, everyone was very happy and entertained by it.

Lauris O. / Unifiedpost
Private Client

Spy Academy

Thank you very much for the “James Bond Saves Riga” quest for our children! They were very happy!

Alla / Private Client
Klix / Citadele

Corporate Event at Debesu Bļoda Guesthouse

Thank you for a wonderfully organised quest.

Jeļena U. / Klix / Citadele


If you wish to order a special quest please contact me using a form below. I will give you a special offer as soon as possible.