Quest games and self-guided tours in Latvia.


Solve riddles and puzzles to find out the Knights Templar Treasure fate. Mysterious facts and hidden gems of Old Riga are waiting.


Romantic quest in a fantastically beautiful area of Riga


Discover the history of Riga Central Market and help famous time travelers Doc and Marty to get back to the future.


Hand-picked locations, most remarkable places, and hidden gems. This quest is specially designed for Riga visitors and tourists.


This interactive city game is a great way to explore the history of the VEF industrial district by completing interesting and fun tasks.


Take a leisurely walk in Majori. Visit the most interesting and remarkable places. Have fun and find out an amazing history of this resort.

All prices are for a group.

How to play


Buy a ticket for a desired quest

Receive e-mail with access code


Take friends with you

Visit start location at a convenient time


Solve riddles, find hidden objects, take photos and discover a city

Have fun

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