First Steps

Shortly after purchasing a ticket for you will receive e-mail with desired game access data.

Just follow the direct link provided in e-mail.

Quest Game Demo — Home Screen

Game Rules

Read them carefully and navigate to the start location.

Press Start when you are ready to play.

Quest Game Demo — Rules


Riddles, mysteries, quizes

Solve a riddle, go to the given location and input answer.

Quest Game Demo — Riddle


You can’t be lost

You will get navigation tips, photo clues, and useful information every few minutes.

Quest Game Demo — Cipher

Take a Break

Enjoy your time

You can use “Pause” level for taking a break.

Also you are free to skip any level if you don’t want to solve it.

Quest Game Demo — Break

Phone Requirements

Any modern smartphone

Questory games and excursions are held online. You don’t need to install any special app.

Please check that your Apple, Android or other smartphone meets simple technical requirements before the game.

You will need

  • Internet connection. If you are limited in mobile internet data, please check your consumption during the game.
  • Browser. Safari, Chrome or Samsung Internet are recommended.
  • Ensure that your browser accepts Cookies and JavaScript.
  • GPS and maps. Apple or Google Maps will be useful for navigation.

For some games you will need

  • Camera for photos and videos.
  • Ability to send photos and videos via Telegram or WhatsApp messenger.